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A restaurant that does justice to all the unique qualities of the Mezger Lodges. Only the best is good enough. More than just enjoying culinary pleasure. Restaurant Mezger, located in the orangerie between the villas, surprises with a titillating experience. In an interior of Finnish wood, tight brass and royal blue chairs you can enjoy pure dishes that the Zeeland country and water has to offer. Sander de Jonge & Jeroen Tanis, together with their dedicated team, are at your service at any time of the day to surprise you with gastronomic dishes, delicious wines, know-how and boundless hospitality. Whether you opt for a delicious lunch, dine à la carte or opt for the menus of the passionate chefs, all your senses will be pampered here. A pure palette of natural, enchanting flavors.

Two chefs who join forces, share their years of experience in top restaurants in Zeeland and speak in rich flavors. Restaurant Mezger is the culmination of the culinary dream that the friendly chefs Sander & Jeroen have shared and shared for more than a decade. In March 2017, they opened their doors to their own restaurant, located in the orangery between the two villas of Mezger Lodges, and have since surprising their guests with a titillating experience from the kitchen and unprecedented hospitality from 'the front of the house'. . In the year of the opening, Restaurant Mezger won both the provincial & national prize for 'Best Restaurant' in the 12th edition of the 'HEERLIJK10DAAGSE' and left it with renowned starred restaurants. In addition, the PZC award 'Best restaurant of Zeeland 2017' has been received by patron chefs Sander and Jeroen. The restaurant is among the absolute top, says Misset Horeca.