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Take away tips in Domburg

Almost all our lodges have a kitchen where you can prepare a meal yourself. For shopping you can go to Albert Heijn in Domburg; it is open daily. In addition, several catering companies in Domburg offer the option to pick up your dinner. We have listed them here for you:

  • Restaurant Mezger for complete menus, but also separate starters, main courses and desserts
  • Mexican Restaurant El Fuego
  • 't Begin Domburg for lunch & dinner
  • De Visbar for the tastiest fish & sushi
  • Restaurant Steaker for, among other things, steaks
  • Domburgsche Bier & Melksalon for, among other things, sandwiches, smoothies and cakes
  • IJsvogel Domburg for ice creams
  • Pizzeria Milano for pizza
  • Pannenkoekhuis Vierwegen for pancakes
  • Famous Fish Market; new initiative for Take Away & Delivery
  • The Boterkapel; bento boxes, "finish it yourself" dinners, salads & desserts

There are more and more creative initiatives from restaurants in Domburg, so we are always updating this page!

Our tip: check and inquire at the restaurant in advance whether it is open for "take away" that day to avoid disappointment.